The Stud Farm

Our stud farm is situated in the finca Dehesa de Cabeza Rubia in Alconchel, Olivenza (Badajoz), an area of the best parkland in Spain, with 1.400 hectares of land – ideally suited to the breeding of horses.

The 34 broodmares are all of the same bloodline, a type particular to Dehesa Cabeza Rubia, with 2 breeding stallions which have formed the base of the stud – ARMAS TARUGO (from the line of Navarro (Albero) from the sire and dam side), and GUARDADAMAS (same line of Navarro from the sire and dam). The youngstock enjoy total freedom. The broodmares live in the countryside their entire lives, foaling naturally without assistance. The colts are halter-trained for 5 days when they are weaned, and are then turned out together in paddocks of 60 hectares, where they run free until they reach 3 years of age. The aim is to breed a Spanish horse which is true to type, something that is often not successfully done. We endeavor to produce riding horses with good character, strength and movements, with a good willingness to work, making them ideal for disciplines such as classical dressage. The character of the youngstock is carefully observed, excluding any animal or bloodline which may present problems in the future.



Armas Tarugo Champion of Spain with functionality 2007, runner-up of Spain.


– Absolute champion of the classic dressage grand prize in sicab 2.008
– Champion of the Kur Grand Prix at Sicab 2.007
– Bronze medal in the absolute championship of Spain 2.008


– Absolute champion of dressage cowgirl in sicab 2.007.


– Bronze Medal in SICAB 2.007 in hitch, Limoneras modality.


– Young Champion of Spain 2.008. Young runner-up of Spain 2.007.


– 4th SICAB. Gold medal and runner-up of Mexico.


– Young runner-up of Spain 2.008.
– Gold Medal in SICAB 2008, 2 year old colts.


– Sherry champion
– Young runner-up of Mexico