A passion for horses has been in the Martin family for generations.

Post-war, Tomas Martin, grandfather of the current owner of Dehesa de Cabeza Rubia, had a stud farm at La Dehesilla de El Emperador in Ciudad Real with more than 70 broodmares, and bred riding and working horses. An interesting story tells that the horse that Tomas was riding one day was attacked and killed by a fighting bull. Tomas had to climb into an oak tree to escape, and he stayed in the tree all night until he was found the next day. One of his sons, Maximo Martin was the owner of Babieca, the horse of Charlton Heston in El Cid. Cristobel Martin, father of the owner of Dehesa de Cabeza Rubia passed on to his eight children his passion for horses, and practically insisted that the whole family rode. This passion continues today.

Historia y PassionRamón, owner of Dehesa Cabeza Rubia, started riding at five years of age, in the Club de Campo in Madrid, accompanying his family when they went riding in the countryside. From the age of eighteen for three years he played polo, and also worked with the rounding up of cattle. For two years after that he had classical dressage classes with Philippe Davenport at La Venta de La Venta.

Ramón’s sons, Ramón and Pelayo, continue his interests – Ramón competed to a high level in showjumping, with very good results, and Pelayo has always enjoyed riding out in the countryside, observing the beauty of nature from his horse.

Breeding all types of animals has long been part of Ramón’s life – from a young age he would accompany his father to the farms where they bred cattle, sheep and predominately pigs. When he was 11 years old, Ramón bred hamsters which he sold to pet shops, and aged 18 he started to breed dogs. He then worked in the family business breeding cross-bred horses used for cattle work. In 1994 Ramón bred his first Pura Raza Espanol and his dream was finally realized, bringing with it great success and also disappointments. Throughout he has met many interesting people, and made good friends.